6 ways to cure migraines without medication

6 ways to cure migraines without medication

Millions of Russians each year are faced with the headaches and migraines. Doctors have called 6 natural ways to ease the pain.

According to statistics, from migraines faces every seventh citizen of our country, but headaches from time to time appear in General at all. Fast pace of life, the need to sit in front of a TV and computer make migraines more common. In severe cases, their victims has been a gradual loss of vision, occur increased sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and other nasty symptoms that can last up to 72 hours. Migraine attack 20% of women and 6% of men. There are a variety of medications to reduce the level of headaches, and here are 6 suggestions which will help to cope with migraine.

1. Go into a dark room. Stress is one of the main factors of migraine, and muscle relaxation can help to reduce painful attacks. Victims of migraines often there is increased sensitivity to light, so you can relax better in a dark room.

2. Attention to caffeine. Caffeine can how to ease the stress migraines and provoke them. If you notice that headaches soon after drinking coffee, give up this drink.

3. Massage. Massage of tense muscles helps them to relax, which is especially useful in stress migraines. You need to find a person able to conduct a gentle massage of the head, neck and shoulder muscles.

4. Cold and hot compresses. The heat and the cold sometimes relieves pain and muscle tension that accompany a migraine. You can take a hot shower and independently conduct massage head closer to the ZON, where it comes pain. Or put a bottle of hot water. In some cases, the “cold approach” to business, then have a shower with cool water and the bottle with ice.

5. Acupuncture. An ancient Indian practice, as observations show, in some cases, eases the pain from stress headaches, and quite quickly. As long as you do not try, you don’t know whether it helps you.

6. Exercises for the neck. Special exercises for neck pain relief in times of stress migraines caused by prolonged retention of the head in the same position as during work, when we keep looking at the screen. Put your hands on your head, try to use the muscles of the neck, pressing lightly with back of his head on his palm. (READ MORE)