5 ways to beat dry nose

5 ways to beat dry nose

A dry nose is a common problem as the cold. There are several effective methods to combat this phenomenon, the effectiveness of which proven by science.

1. Vaseline. With your finger apply a small amount of vaseline to the inner surface of the nose. This is not only useful for its moisture, but also absolutely safe for the stomach, if the vaseline would get there in small quantities. Lip balm can also help. But don’t use this method too often or for too long, and don’t apply a lot of vaseline. In some cases this can lead to problems with the lungs.

2. Humidifiers. At night turn on the bedroom a special humidifier, which is useful for dryness of the nose. Place the humidifier in the center of the room. Do not point it on the furniture because of excess humidity in the wood can cause the growth of fungus and damage the surface.

3. Nasal sprays. They can be used to moisturize nasal passages. Nasal sprays you can buy without any prescription. Spray-on saline solution to help moisturize the nose, they also cleanse nasal passages of dust, dirt, pollen and mucus.

4. Wet wipes. Moisturize face cloth with water and a special bottle of spray, use wipes to clean the nose. This will help prevent dryness and irritation. You can also use baby wipes that are specially designed to clean sensitive areas of the skin without causing excessive dryness.

5. A steam sauna. A very common tool for home use. Steam effectively helps with colds and dryness in the nose. You can use the good old inhalation, that is, pour in a bowl of hot water to drop over her face and cover with a towel. However, in the case of steam, the effect will last very long. (READ MORE)