5 causes of back pain

5 causes of back pain

If back pain does not mean that rose-of-gravity. Everyday habits, repeated day in and day can also weaken the back and cause pain. The doctors spoke about these factors, which are usually not paying attention.

Reason 1: talking on the phone. Doctors say that people who use cell phone during a call, tilted his head and raised shoulder, causing muscle tension in the cervical and thoracic spine. Some are talking, holding the device between shoulder and ear. Muscle tension in those who do a lot of talking on a cell phone, can badly affect the health of the spine and cause back pain.

Reason 2: homework
. Many kinds of work at home, even banal washing dishes, creating the wrong load on different parts of the body. In such moments it is important to observe how exactly a man holds the body, straightened his spine. It is also very harmful when the body weight is transferred to one leg.

Reason 3: wearing the wrong shoes. About the danger of high heels for the health of the spine and back has been said many times. Harmful flip-flops, not having the fixed back. According to experts, walking in these shoes creates a strong tension for the lower back and tired of the spine.

Reason 4: too sweet. Surprisingly, a sweet tooth also can lead to back pain. According to a study published in the Asian Spine Journal diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar promotes inflammation in the body, including in the back.

Reason 5: Smoking. Heavy smokers worsening the blood supply to vertebral disks. This may result in degeneration of tissues, tendency to damages which are directly related and back pain.

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