Say Goodbye To Expensive Detox Centers & Try Out These Foods To Instantly Detoxify Your Body

Say Goodbye To Expensive Detox Centers & Try Out These Foods To Instantly Detoxify Your Body

Whether you partied too hard over the weekend (we’re not judging) or you’re simply looking to lose that excess weight for your next date, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to search for the nearest detox center when you can easily and effectively detoxify your body from the comfort of your own home and end up saving up your hard-earned money. You’ll be shocked to know how many amazing and delicious food items are just sitting there in your kitchen with impressive slimming and detoxifying properties. Read on and thank us later.

1. Almonds: Detoxify Your Liver

No matter what you eat and drink, your liver has to deal with it. Overeating and excessive drinking build up fatty deposits around the liver which not only makes you fat but also increases your risk of liver cancer. Thankfully, almonds are super-rich in Vitamin E, which cleanses the fatty deposits almost magically. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, people who eat 15 almonds (16 mg) a day are at a 40% lower risk level of getting the deadly disease compared to those who don’t have almonds in their daily diet.

2. White Tea: Lose Belly Fat

According to a report by the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, white tea is the best natural substance you can use to lose that annoying belly fat. Drink two cups of white tea every day and you’ll slowly make your way from a blob to a bombshell. White tea boosts lipolysis in our body, which is the process of fat breakdown. At the same time, it drastically slows down the process of adipogenesis, which is the formation of fat cells in the body. White tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and caffeine. This lethal combination (for belly fat, of course) evaporates the fat cells. This means you’ll detoxify your body without paying thousands of dollars at an expensive detox center.

3. Avocado: To Settle The Stomach

Before you say “pass”, check this out. The talented folks who publish The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry conducted an experiment on a group of rats with liver damage. They were all suffering from galactosamine, a liver toxin that can harm the liver of any mammal, including humans. They fed 22 different fruits to the group of rats and the fruit that showed more promise than any other fruit against galactosamine was avocado. Often mistaken for a vegetable, avocado contains 2 specific oils, geranyl acetate, and linalool, that rapidly fix an upset stomach and liver. Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) also experienced the positive impact of this fruit.

4. Collard Greens: The Cure For Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body contribute to heart disease, liver failure, and cause a number of other problems. If you add collard greens to your regular diet, you’ll never have to worry about that. Steamed collard greens have a very strong positive effect on the body, according to the Nutrition Research journal. Steamed collard greens enhance our body’s cholesterol-blocking process up to 13 percent, more than any drug. So if you can’t cut down on those artery-clogging fried foods, make sure to add collard greens to your diet.

5. Lemon Water: The Ultimate Detoxifier

Whether it’s an alcohol detox, opioid detox, or another type of drug detox you’re looking for, lemon water is the answer. Almost all citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants, but the good ol’ lemon is the king. Lemon peels contain d-limonene, a complex compound that rapidly stimulates liver enzymes and flushes harmful toxins out of the body. According to the World Health Organization, lemons also regulate sluggish bowel movements and improve the health of the digestive system. So start your day by making a pitcher of fresh water with sliced whole lemons.

6. Wild Salmon: The Artery Fixer

This one is for the smokers out there. We urge you to quit smoking altogether, but in case you aren’t up to the task, start eating wild salmon. The most common side effect of smoking is arterial stiffness. Smoking affects the arteries like a kinked hose and disrupts the blood flow through them, which can harm other vital organs. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Cardiology, a group of smokers was introduced to a daily diet of 2 grams of omega-3s – the same amount that can be found in a 4-ounce portion of salmon. In just one week, their heart rate and arterial elasticity noticeably improved.

So, there you have it. They say health is wealth and no amount of money is too small when it comes to the longevity. But before you decide to visit an expensive detox center near you, why not give these yummy food items a try?

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