Pneumonia takes every year 1.4 million children! World day against pneumonia

Pneumonia takes every year 1.4 million children! World day against pneumonia

12 Nov celebrate the world day of combating pneumonia (World pneumonia day 2018). This date appeared in the calendar upon the initiative of the Global coalition against child pneumonia, because children most often suffer and die from pneumonia.

There are many types of pneumoniathat differ in severity from mild to severe and sometimes even fatal.

Causes of pneumonia

Often the cause of inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) is a bacterial flora, especially Streptococcus pneumoniae. Bacterial pneumonia can develop after infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as colds or flu. Approximately 50% of cases the causative agent of pneumonia is a virus.

Symptoms of pneumonia

Viral pneumonia occurs more often in winter and usually is not a acute as bacterial pneumonia. In some cases, pathogens are the mycoplasmas – organisms with properties of both viruses and bacteria. Other pathogens of pneumonia can be fungi and parasites, but it happens much less frequently.

Every year pneumonia kills 1.4 million children under the age of 5 years and is the leading cause of death of minors across the world. To prevent the disease can immunization and good nutrition.

On this day around the world carry out preventive measures, medical check-UPS. Volunteers tell you about the risks associated with pneumonia, collected donations for the immunization. The symbol of the world day against pneumonia (World pneumonia day 2018)steel blue jeans.