Nutritionist Catherine Tolstikova: how to eat healthy, but with a taste for life

Nutritionist Catherine Tolstikova: how to eat healthy, but with a taste for life

Do you remember what you ate yesterday? the doctor-nutritionist Ekaterina Tolstikova asks very simple questions about your food and tells about the human body so that everything falls into place, there is a desire to eat simple healthy foods and to be as beautiful as she is. But the difficulty is that this desire to realize, no, at least to extend. To magic doctor Tolstikovoj dissipated. How?! How to do it

We sat at a table in the food court Cum with two white tea cups, representing the island, including delicious-smelling pizzas, Japanese rolls, burgers and Beers. I nervously reacted to the aromas of, Catherine did not notice this holiday a heavy meal. I really wanted the same. And I did it. Magic!

Ekaterina Tolstikova specialist in healthy nutrition of children and adults the pediatrician, a food therapist, an expert in biochemistry, endocrinology and nutrigenetic. Participant in symposiums of the Association of paediatric gastroenterologists and nutritionists of Ukraine, conferences of the Ukrainian Association of Nutritionists, Functional medicine, GrowthNutrition (Paris). Member of the Association of preventive and antiaging medicine of Ukraine. An expert in the field of sports nutrition, detox therapy, vegetarianism/veganism and raw foodism. Creator and developer of the methodology and raw food menu Raw Food Therapy of (ToRF). The winner of the Medical mentor the ranking of the Best doctors of Ukraine, 2018 version .

You can have it all!

When people ask me about the restrictions in food, I say, they don’t work. No need to abandon what you love. Bananas, grapes, potatoes, pasta, chocolate products, which will not hurt you. In diversity and the absence of rigid limits is to be successful. But all this abundance is dosed perfectly and the features are interchangeable. I will never tell you this you will lose weight and will gain weight. But each of us has a particular genetics, the number of enzymes, the acidity of the stomach, so there are individual rules in search of balance.

Before you come to see me, you pass the tests, perhaps even genetic, so I can figure out how to motivate your body to eliminate the cause of the disease, not its symptoms. And we will develop a specific strategy in food, which not only solve problems, but also prevent many of them.

You are my last hope! telling me many. I’m starting to understand, and they trust the result and it really works. Actually, I don’t know what’s better: my treatment or their faith.

How to become a good doctor?

Never create idols, and now they are not. But I always tried to be the perfect professional and motivator. It’s very important to my patients started to do something for yourself. I’m inspired by their results and happy that the girl could not get pregnant, after four months on good food and vitamins, according to me good news.

Young doctors of the new generation more informed, scientifically savvy. They love to have everything on science. In medicine it is impossible to try it is very risky. A person can experiment and find life, but some of the next sample will be last.

No need to monitor calories, monitor the quality and portion

If a food is rich in the correct protein and fat, if people eat enough, does not overeat and does not catch on the move, there is no need to monitor the calories he realizes how much he needs to eat to feel full. But the fact is that many have problems with feeding behavior: they either overeat, starve, they have problems with hormones and with the extra weight.

If you study, at first glance, the normal diet of many soinikov, it appears that the percentage of simple healthy foods is zero. For example, for Breakfast we had granola, a lunch of noodles with toast or a sandwich, snacks of dried fruit or cereal bars, night steak. In fact it is very harmful menu which a lot of sugar and empty carbohydrates. In addition to calories, you get nothing. And if all this is to eat under the show, or reading a tape on Facebook, not only do you not feel the taste, but will not notice the extent of their portions.

The human stomach is a muscle that gives in to training. He is able to be stretched to 4 litres. If we will gradually reduce the portions and control what is eaten in a month he will be back to normal.

You can’t get a teenager to love broccoli, if you do not like it

I think I was born with the ability to love healthy food. Never eat a salad with mayonnaise or hot cereal. A child does not like milk,soup. Some natural gastronomic intuition! After the first dishes are of no value. We quickly filled them because of the stretching of the stomach wall, but just as quickly lose that feeling and want more. And milk actually comes with very little calcium and to get this is not the primary product. In addition, is an allergen.

Cabbage salad, fish, berries, greens, nuts and seeds with my food. Everything is simple and even banal. I’m on the New year do not prepare any compound meals, eat small meals and never in the evenings habits from childhood. In General I think that the problem adults is that they don’t want things to cook, to invent, to think, to seek.

The child is not an adult. He needs variety. And if you want him to love buckwheat, think how to cook it. Believe me, it is even more interesting. Buckwheat, mashed potatoes, buckwheat cakes, pie or salad with buckwheat

I really love broccoli. I believe that this is an invaluable product, so it popularize. And here to me comes the mother, who is very concerned about the food her girls. How to teach her to eat broccoli?! she asks. And why teach? Do you eat broccoli? No. So with this we need to begin to eat broccoli.

I do believe that it all starts with parents: no need to force children. If he gets hungry he will find food. The main thing is to lay on the table-not chocolate.

Our food habits, behavior, and aptitudes are laid before birth. It is very important a woman’s diet before conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Every period this setting for the number of fat cells in the body of the baby. So here too the expression We are responsible for those who tamed. If you want your child to be healthy, you need to start with ourselves first and foremost to control your food.

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