11 Instagram accounts for a new year of inspiration Likar.Info

11 Instagram accounts for a new year of inspiration Likar.Info

Winter came, and it means that the tape Instagram has appear a magical winter scenes. Beautifully wrapped gifts neatly stacked under the twinkling Christmas trees, miles of garlands, hot cakes, family hug in pajamas by the fireplace, all this makes us feel the approach of the main holiday of the year. If the Christmas mood passes you by, register for an account, which we have carefully selected specially for you. Inspiration guaranteed!


Photos Christine, mom of three, imbued with a festive atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if infected by her example, will want to decorate your home in white style, this decor looks amazing!


Jessica is also a mother of many children (7 kids!), who is addicted to decor, and photography. The interiors presented in her account, like the scenery of the Christmas films are incredibly fabulous! Even if you repeat this decor you will fail, you will be able to draw a lot of unique ideas for decorating your home.


Account Panduro collects the best ideas homemade decor and share them with you. You can not only be inspired by someone’s idea, but to offer their own, posting it on their page with the hashtag #panduromyway.



For cooking Teigen prefers to use seasonal produce. With the approach of the New year in her account there are more and more Christmas recipes. One of the latest spicy pomegranate mulled wine. We believe it was a real hit!


One of the most popular Australian food magazines has launched her own tasty advent calendar. Every day in this Instagram-accountablity great ideas for the Christmas table. Already available recipes Chocolate mountains, mulled wine gin and locobazooka the shape of a Christmas tree.


We care not only about home decor and holiday table, but also about your new year the way in which the main role play the part. The motto of any Christmas party more sequin and sparkle! This also applies to the manicure ideas you’ll find one of the world’s top masters Park young-Chang.


Champagne right on the nail! Zoloto, glitter, snowflakes texture and metallic accents that will make your manicure perfect for New year celebrations. Need ideas? A lot of them have a Paintbox.


About your makeup, we also taken care of. Popular cosmetic brand MAKE UP FOR EVER came up with my own advent calendar with tips for creating a new image. Sequins again the main theme. You will learn to apply them on eyes, lips and even in the form of freckles!


Make-up artist from Helsinki Stella Sironen offers a more shocking images for those who are longing for experiments. With all this you will definitely be the highlight of any Christmas party.


Dublin designer Jenny Wilson creates images that you’ll be like the walking Christmas tree. And Jenny the embodiment of the holiday. Her motto is: Why hang ornaments when you yourself can become a decoration. This year, in addition to, the girl produces a collection of points called 25 shades of Christmas.