So, you come to the financial aid

So, you come to the financial aid the case of illness, no one on the home and children k&uuml…inhibitors, financed by the health insurance is a Unterstüup – under certain conditions

Sometimes müyou biggest four parts köcan, to do all the house work

Who is sick, fänot from llt only in the Job. To stays at home a lot sometimes. No one can W&auml the dirty;cal küinhibitors, für the children, cooking, shopping, vacuuming. In some Fäcases is the help of außen unumgäoriginally. When the statutory health insurance für the resulting cost to fill and what are the conditions &ndash are; a Üoverview.

What must have happened?

Whether after an accident, Operation or severe acute illness: Can a legally Insured vorütemporarily not self-shopping, WäLaundry or cleaning, he is a household help. The same applies in the case of lälong-term absence from home, for example, by a hospital stay. But then, there is a requirement that a child lives in a household that must be supplied, höa maximum of zwölf years of age or has a disability.

Who is entitled to help?

The sick Person must "haushaltsführend" be, so so far everything geküGod. In consequence of heißt: No other adult living, where appropriate, in the same apartment, the now necessary tasks üaccept. "The end of parents in full-time work, the budget, are both as haushaltsführend", erklärt ­Peter Grieble of the Verbraucherzentrale Baden-Württemberg. Grundsäin addition müexclude employees not to take vacation in order to replace the sick Partner at home.

How do I apply?

The treating doctor will prescribe the budgetary rubs help. "He has a medical need certification, he noted, für what period of time and für how many hours täit was benötaken wird", Christine G&ouml says;pner-Reinecke, a spokesperson of the AOK. This certificate together with the application for Kostenüacquisition schnellstmöresembled to the health insurance Fund. Within three weeks of the request must be processed according to the law.

Does that go any faster?

In acute Notfäcases did the health insurance companies-employees ent­­speaking, insured AOK spokeswoman Göpner-Reinecke. Für patients, in the short term stationär were treated, the hospital must help üabout the health insurance organize. "This is part of the Release-Managements", Regina Behrendt of the Verbraucherzentrale NRW says. You rät patients have not been addressed, contact your doctor or the social service of the hospital.

How long will the Fund pay?

A child up to h&ouml lives;a maximum of zwölf years or with a disability in the household, pays the Fund up to 26 weeks – regardless of whether the Insured is in the ­K­linik, to rehab or to home. ­Otherwise, the financing of the aid ends after four weeks. A default, as long as the Insured at least has to be, does not exist. "Due to only a night in the hospital wüthen you would have a hard time, however, a need to begründen", Verbrauchersch&uuml says;backers Grieble. Expenses and income stüthen in no Verhäratio.

How much is the payment?

Patients üover 18 years of to pay per day, ten percent of the cost of a home help. According to the AOK, the at least fünf and höa maximum of ten Euro. Für Pregnant or recently Delivered, their request has been approved, entfäthe llt this Supplement.

What üthe help scheme?

Grundsäin addition köcan all Work to Weiterfüexecution of the budget are to be submitted to the external force. The heißt, the hired Person errands makes, changes the Bettwäash, spült the dishes, heats up, and disposed of the Müll, wäShh, bügelt, dressing. She is in charge and will also supply the children living in the household, says Göpner-Reinecke – "to the extent that this ist&quot in view of their age or state of health, is required;. Medical and carers Täactivities, the budget must &uuml help but not;accept.

How much can I make?

The use of a budget help grundsäin addition, according to the individual needs of Insured persons in the household of the diseased. For example, füto supply nf children plus the household, can be more power-refundable erklärt ­Verbraucherschübackers Grieble. But that would be the exception.

What about the children?

"Häoften especially f&uuml is;r the care of children is a extensive help in the household nötig", Chris&shy says;tine Göpner-Reinecke of the AOK. This experience you have made at least with your insurance company. Times, in which children Tagesstätte or the visit to the school, ­not ber&uuml be;taken into account. Schließaddresses health insurance companies have the target use of a budget help "on a mandatory Maß" to limit. The objective of this requirement is the cost für derar­term Unterstügame not unnötig in the Höto drive he.

Who is the cash paid?

Many health insurance companies have Verträge with a social or charitable institutions that they recommend to its Insured and with which you can directly bill. Some patients instruct but also a service provider in your NäHey. "You should have in advance of your Fund approve, in order to, subsequently, not draufzahlen", Peter Grieble recommends. Who get no stranger to the house mölike, you can also ask friends or neighbors. This will then receive a Aufwandsentschäending, in the case of most of the funds at 9.50 euros per hour. But Caution: Für Angehöolds there are, depending on the degree of kinship, special rules, when the cash Aufwandsentschädamage, loss of earnings or travel costs to pay. Better in advance.

Pay my cash?

Can be. Some of the funds üaccept services, the über go beyond the statutory entitlement. "You pay, for example, if a child älter is as zwölf Jahre", Grieble says. Other refund the cost of the lälonger than four weeks. A comparison can be worthwhile.

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