Rhinoplasty in Moscow ended with a broken skull

Rhinoplasty in Moscow ended with a broken skull

In one of the private clinics in the South of Moscow plastic surgery of nose (rhinoplasty) for a 25-year-old patient over a broken skull – a young woman has been injured where she was in the hospital in serious condition. Upon the incident the capital, investigators opened a criminal case.

About excitation of criminal case to the senior assistant chief of the Department SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova. The investigation is underway under article “services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers.” According to Ivanov, during the plastic nose time the girl struck the base of the skull.

“In a criminal case will be questioned by the staff of a private clinic. Appointed forensic medical examination”, – said Yulia Ivanova.
Rhinoplasty as rhinoplasty, allows you to change the shape and length of the nose, not a particularly difficult plastic surgery is a common procedure. But in Moscow, during surgery, the doctors broke the patient the base of the skull, followed by profuse bleeding, and the girl had to urgently get to a hospital to do a blood transfusion.

This year, the Russian plastic surgery clinics came under special control of the government, after a series of deaths of the patients of plastic surgeons at the beginning of the year, the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova has initiated the Roszdravnadzor inspections of institutions. In addition, to the clinics of plastic surgery has brought new, more stringent requirements.

Magicforum already wrote about the results of these checks. As a result of new rules on the market of aesthetic medicine has seen many changes. But tragic cases, as it turned out, it also does not insure.