How to treat cracked heels at home

How to treat cracked heels at home

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Cracked heels — causes

Cracked heels effective home remedies treatment

Formed on the heels of the cracks are not only unpleasant sensations and discomfort, but also create serious inconvenience in everyday life. Starting with the bad appearance of the feet in General to notable pain when walking. Therefore, to delay the solution to the problem is not worth it. Magicforum figured out what to do to improve the condition of the heels.

Not as widely known folk remedies for the treatment of cracked heels, which perfectly cope with the problem and in a short time will help to bring your legs up.

Cracked heels — causes

The appearance of cracks on the feet may be due to serious diseases, either of neglect to them.

The most common reasons include the following:

excessive drying of the skin;

walking bare feet on hot sand in the summer;

the athlete’s foot;

wearing uncomfortable shoes;

various diseases of the endocrine system;

the presence of overweight;

diabetes and several other diseases.

As with most diseases, the problem is easier to prevent than to treat. The most effective and simple way of prevention is regular skin care stop. Her need to constantly moisturize and nourish with special creams. If the feet appeared keratinized, they must immediately remove, and to pay attention to your shoes. If the Shoe is too tight, it must be replaced more convenient.

If preventive measures have not yielded the expected results, it is not necessary to give up time-tested folk remedies will help to get rid of rough skin on the heels and will prevent them from cracking.

Cracked heels effective home remedies treatment

1. Ointment with the use of badger fat.

Badger fat have long been known for its curative properties, thanks to which the ointment with using it quickly heals cracked heels. For this you need to take 50ml of the fat and heat it in a water bath. To wait about 10min. Next to the prepared mixture, add the celandine herb and crushed calendula flowers 1 teaspoon Before putting the herbs in the mixture must hold in boiling water for about 1 minute.

All ingredients are carefully mix and put the resulting slurry to warm on low heat for 30-40 minutes to Remember that badger fat in any case can not be boiled, so watch out for that. Then grind the mixture through a sieve to get a uniform mass, and put to cool. When the temperature of the ointment to decrease to room, it is ready for use.

Ointmentapplied to damaged areas of the feet and carefully rubbing. To carry out this procedure it is best at night before bed, and after applying the ointment to put on cotton socks.

Thus obtained from fat badger ointment is able to keep its useful properties for a long time, so that it can prepare for the proposed period of treatment. It should be kept in a cool dark place, which is fine refrigerator.

Don’t forget to use the ointment to lubricate the heels should be only in the form of heat. Therefore, before use, be sure to preheat it in a water bath. Microwave for these purposes will not work, because its radiation can destroy all the beneficial properties of the ingredients included in the composition of ointments.

The use of badger fat promotes rapid healing of injuries and other damage to the skin. As well as the General condition of the skin due to the intake of necessary nutrients is markedly improved. In addition, badger fat contains a large volume of vitamins A and E that help to restore the skin’s elasticity and make it soft and smooth.

Homemade ointment has a high therapeutic effect. Because it is connected components, has long been used to treat skin diseases. So, celandine and calendula thanks to its bactericidal properties, anti-inflammatory effect. Ointment for badger fat is able to stop the infection and save you from cracks and other injuries on the heels.

2. The application of compresses from vegetable oils

In eliminating cracks showed good compresses on the basis of vegetable oils. For this approach, as regular sunflower oil, and other oils including essential, for example, mint, eucalyptus. Very effective in healing cracked heels coconut oil, but it is not always easy to acquire, therefore perfect for this purpose any vegetable oil, including olive and castor, and sunflower already mentioned, which are no less effectively solve the problem. To enhance their healing properties in the preparation of the poultice apply other components such as chamomile and propolis.

To prepare the mixture to be heated in a water bath of 50 ml of vegetable oil. Then put propolis, pre-trimmed (10 oz.) and chamomile (5 oz. or 1 tbsp .l.). For 20-30 minutes to boil the mixture on low heat and then strain. As a final touch left to add in the oil, the aloe juice (1 tsp).

Before applying the compress the skin should be prepared. For a start it needs to be cleaned, and then softening. You can use the herbal bath. After the treatments, cleanse and moisturize in foot carefully rubbed warm oil. And only then applied the compress – gauze soaked in a warm mixture of oil with herbs. Then the legs are wrapped with cellophane and put on socks. This procedure is preferably done at night to achieve maximum effect.

Chamomile and propolis in this recipe, perform the role of anti-inflammatory and painkillers, and significantly accelerate the healing process.

3. Baths

One of the excellent choices therapeutic baths can serve the recipe with rosemary and starch. To prepare the bath will need the starch and oil of rosemary. Pour 2 quarts hot water in a small bowl, throw starch (2 tbsp..l.) and oil (5 drops). The duration of this procedure – the 20-30min. As it cools down pour into a basin of hot water.

Why before applying the compress,it is advisable to make the bath?The fact is that substances that exist in its composition, in itself a very beneficial effect on the healing process saikoroshi and cracked feet. The starch not only nourishes and softens rough skin, but also accelerates the process of healing cracks in the feet. Rosemary is effective against pathogens that in turn also contributes to the rapid relief from injuries and fractures.

The presence on the heels of deep poorly healing wounds requires a special approach. In the tub in addition to starch and rosemary should be added to the decoction of the plant, or completely replace them water. Medicinal decoction is prepared as follows. Take equal parts of calendula, St. John’s wort and chamomile flowers (10 grams per 2 liters of water) and steam it in a water bath for 15 min. Then brought to room temperature.

Recommendations and recipes will help you to get rid of this problem in a relatively short time and return the skin of the feet healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The specialists told how to take care of the problem the heels at home.