Lice: Not always itch the head

Lice: Not always itch the head

Every day many children, adolescents, and adults with head lice to put. Affected to recognize an infestation, usually on the itching – but not always, this Symptom occurs, explains pharmacist Petra angel-Djabarian.

Man is the only host of the tiny parasites, which are preferably in the hair of a human being, and of whose blood feeds. Lice have no wings, they cannot fly and do not jump. They crawl from hair to hair, from head-to-head: So it is that most children are affected between the ages of five and 13 years. You are stuck in Learning or Play together the heads, or cuddle together on a pillow.

Parents were informed by the Kindergarten or the school, that there is lice in the institution should control all of the family members carefully for a possible attack point. Not always does your scalp itch when lice have settled in, nevertheless, treatment is not necessary in order for the lice to spread.

The best is used for the control of a Nissenkamms: With this damp hair is inspected strand by strand, on the lice and their eggs, the nits. The comb is scraped off after each strand of hair on a kitchen towel, the lice easier to see. A louse was discovered, should be treated the whole family with a Lice remedy. "It is the physical, chemical and natural lice shampoos are Verfügung", angel-Djabarian by the Board of the pharmacists ‘ Association of Rhineland-Palatinate says. "Chemical insecticides or nerve agents are included. By their frequent use a lot of resistance already exist. Therefore, I recommend is usually a agent with the silicone Oils." These act in a physical way and are very effective. The respiratory systems of the lice and nits are sealed and you will die. Important for all is that all the hairs are evenly wetted with the medium and the exposure time is adhered to. Nits and lice are removed with a NIT comb. The Robert-Koch Institute also recommends to repeat the application on the ninth day, any hatched larvae.

On the Internet many of the alleged tips, which should help against lice infestation are to be found in the forums. Douching with vinegar or with tea tree oil to be found there, such as sauna sessions for Affected or 45 minutes under the hot dryer hood. "Such measures do not lead to success. Before the lice under hood damage, it comes at the worst burns to the scalp from Kindern", a pharmacist angel-Djabarian warns.

Who wants to go completely safe, can everything that is washable, such as clothing, hats, bed linen or some soft toys at 60 degrees in the washing machine. It is sufficient to give it your all for at least three days in a plastic bag. The lice die, then. Combs, brushes, and hair bands may be exempted in a hot soapy solution of lice.


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