Blue light lowers blood pressure

Blue light can effectively be used as a means of reducing blood pressure. In this respect, it is no less useful than medication.

A new study has shown that exposure to blue color lowers blood pressure person. 14 healthy men passed through it’s effects within just half an hour, and their blood pressure decreased to the same extent as it happened with participants in the control group, treated with special medicines. The color blue stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure. Researchers from the universities of Surrey and düsseldorf were subjected to men around their body effects of pure blue light wave length of 450 nm within 30 minutes.

This dosage is comparable to a daily dose of sunlight. But in contrast to the ultraviolet radiation produced by the Sun, the blue color does not cause skin cancer. After some time the same men were exposed to blue light through the filter. Their blood pressure, indicators of heart rate, blood flow and arterial stiffness was assessed during the exposure and two hours.

The results showed that pure blue light reduced the systolic blood pressure of men by almost 8 mm Hg, in comparison with the control group. The study also demonstrated that blue light reduced arterial stiffness in men and improve blood vessel relaxation, and both indicators are associated with risk of heart disease. Finally, blue light increased the levels of oxides of nitrogen. Blue light, which comes through the filter, no exposure in this regard is not produced. (READ MORE)