Honesty Hour! Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Kerr: Being a Stepmom Is 'Tough'

Honesty Hour! Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Kerr: Being a Stepmom Is 'Tough'

Not so easy! Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Kerr, gave an inside glimpse of her life as a stepmom to her husband’s daughters.

“Whewwww! Buckle that seat belt girl!” the American Idol alum, 30, wrote on her Instagram Story when asked if she had any advice about raising stepchildren. “It’s tough but you have the opportunity to REALLY impact their lives. ROCK IT and be a strong foundation for them!”

Kerr married the country singer, 42, in 2015. They welcomed their son, Memphis, 17 months, in December 2017, followed by their daughter, Navy, 3 months, in February. Aldean already shares two daughters from his previous marriage to Jessica Ussery — Keeley, 16, and Kendyl, 11.

The lifestyle blogger explained on her Story that while Memphis and Navy live with her and her husband, they “get the girls every other week and a lot during summer.”

Kerr struggled to get pregnant and opened up about her journey in April 2018. “It was the longest process,” she said on the “Babes and Babies” podcast at the time. “It was such a roller coaster and I ended up, through it all, having endometriosis. After a year and a half of trying, they’re finally like, ‘We think you might have endometriosis.’ I’m like, ‘Uh … after all that, are you kidding me?’ So they got rid of that, and then I ended up getting pregnant.”

She added: “The IVF was probably harder than the actual pregnancy, for me, because it was just such a roller coaster and so difficult. It’s such high highs and such low lows, and no one really knows that you’re going through it all so you have to just put on a game face and pretend that you’re not giving yourself shots in your stomach every day, all day.”

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