Women freeze eggs for Dating sites

Mobile Dating apps are increasingly encouraged women to freeze eggs. And all because men by these applications are not keen to settle down and start a family, as they have a permanent selection of partners.

Researchers from the UK found another culprit of the trend of freezing eggs. In recent years, the demand for such services in specific hospitals increased substantially, and have been through this process a record number of the fair sex. There are several theories explaining why women are so actively freeze eggs in addition to natural causes, like an upcoming cancer treatment. In particular, it is believed that in this way women want to focus on your career and then have children, or just waiting for the perfect partner. And now researchers have found that the indirect culprit of this phenomenon can be called mobile Dating apps like Tinder.

The fact is that actively using these apps men are not keen to start a family, because in front of them are permanent and a fairly wide range of partners. And the woman, in turn, does not want to have a child from a casual partner, which will soon switch to someone else. That is why ladies and expect in their lives is really a serious contender, and they don’t want to face such situation when to conceive and carry a child due to age-related changes, they will not work. Then women freeze eggs.

The researchers emphasize that the digital revolution present day enables people to maintain contacts with numerous partners, carrying out all of this with incredible ease. Dating apps lead to a huge number of short novels and flirtations, but using these applications to men, as a rule, do not aspire to have children. So many women need what is called, to err. (READ MORE)