The man coughed up part of a lung with blood

36-year-old man with a cough came out of his mouth part of his lung. It happened after he was hospitalized with severe arrhythmia.

A California resident literally coughed up from the body part of the lung after was taken to hospital with severe arrhythmia. Describing this case in the New England journal of Medicine, surgeons from the medical center at the University of California at San Francisco revealed that the 36-year-old patient was already diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Previously he had installed a pacemaker in case if the heart is completely blocked. However, in the first week of stay in the hospital, the man started coughing blood and mucus. After a while the cough found a few tubes that are designed to distribute air throughout the lungs. This was already a very bad sign, and the next week the patient died.

At the time of hospitalization, ejection fraction, that is a measure of how much blood leaves the left ventricle of the heart, the patient was only 20%. In normal healthy people, the figure is between 50% and 75%. In addition, the patient was noted stenosis (narrowing) double aortic valve. After the blood is pumped from the left ventricle, it passes through the aortic valve to subsequently spread throughout the body. This valve normally has three leaves,but a congenital defect double aortic valve only has two. Statistics show that this defect occurs no more than 2% of the US population.

Due to the presence of defect patients are more vulnerable to stenosis that develops in the moment when all three passes are narrowed, causing the aortic valve must be changed during surgery is already a very young age. The man held a valve replacement, putting made of a fabric a cow. Within a week after admission, he continued coughing up blood and mucus, is getting extra oxygen. Well, the part of the lung he spat out of his mouth during a very intense coughing fit. (READ MORE)